Florida chiropractor confronted for handing out anti-mask 'exemption' forms to kids
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Admitting he has signed "dozens of them" a Florida chiropractor is pushing back against accusations that he is handing out no-exam medical exemptions to the parents of children who don't want their kids wearing masks in school.

With Florida in the midst of being pummeled by the COVID-19 Delta variant that is also infecting children, WFLA is reporting that Venice parents are lining up at the office of Dr. Dan Busch who one mother accused of giving out the exemptions after simply filling out a form handed out on a clipboard.

According to the report, "Paulina Testerman was in disbelief when she heard claims that Twin Palms Chiropractic was offering up mask exemptions to anyone who wanted one. Her family went to check things out for themselves."

"We were in and out, came in, signed a clipboard and handed a sheet," Testerman recalled. "Nobody asked to see our children. The forms were pre-signed, there was a stack behind the counter and they were just passed out."

Local school officials admitted they have received multiple forms from Busch's office, with Craig Maniglia of the Sarasota County School District stating, "They are being looked into. They have been given to our attorneys."

Confronted outside his lawyer's office, Busch explained he's not simply handing them out like candy.

"This is not a political thing. I am not an anti-mask person or an anti-vax person, but I am a pro-freedom, pro-choice person," he told WFLA's Allyson Henning. "I myself, I will tell you I have not given exemptions to any parents that I have not met with."

Pressed on his qualifications as a chiropractor to make the no-mask determination, he stated, "Your dentist could do this, your psychiatrist could do this, your psychologist can do this. You were looking at things like respiratory distress, hypoxia, asthma, anxiety, depression – there are a lot of qualifying conditions.

You can watch the video below:

Families wait hours outside Venice chiropractor’s office to get medical exemption forms for school m www.youtube.com