DeSantis's 'extremely deplorable' handling of COVID crisis torched by angry Florida educator on CNN
Governor Ron DeSantis on Facebook.

On Wednesday's edition of CNN's "OutFront," Anna Fusco, the president of the Broward County, Florida teachers' union who is defying Gov. Ron DeSantis' executive order banning mask mandates, tore into the Republican governor for his threats against local leaders for following CDC recommendations.

"Anna, is the governor's latest order making things worse when you already have people hurling insults, protesting, burning masks?" asked anchor Erin Burnett, playing a clip of DeSantis calling masks a "symbol of tyranny and child abuse."

"It's much worse," said Fusco. "It shows poor leadership when we elect a governor to take care of our state and he's making decisions, God knows why, and it is affecting everybody. As you said earlier, our state is in a crisis with this COVID spreading, not everybody's vaccinated, trying to get people to get vaccinated is a chore, whether unsure or whether they just can't get it because of medical reasons."

She then used an adjective to describe DeSantis that former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton infamously used to describe some supporters of former President Donald Trump.

"To have our governor jump on board with, you know, going against our school board and threatening us to have no funding, is extremely deplorable," said Fusco. "We wouldn't expect to see this from an official, especially the governor of Florida."

Watch below:

Anna Fusco slams Ron DeSantis' "extremely deplorable" mask mandate ban