Florida doctor accused of sedating and raping his patients found dead in ditch

A Florida doctor who was recently arrested for raping two patients while they were knocked out on sedatives was found dead in a ditch this Monday, The Daily Beast reports.

Dr. Eric Andrew Salata, 54, was accused of raping the patients while they were rendered unconscious on sedatives, tequila, and laughing gas. His death has not yet been ruled a suicide since no autopsy has been conducted. His body was found while police were conducting a welfare check after they noticed his ankle monitor hadn't moved for eight hours during the day.

Police say Salata left two notes, his credit cards, and his wedding ring at his Naples home before his death. He was arrested on charges of sexual battery on a physically helpless person after practicing medicine in Florida for over 30 years.

"Police said two former patients accused him of sedating and raping them during a cosmetic procedure while they were blacked out from a mixture of tequila, laughing gas, and sedatives," The Beast's report stated. "The patients, who were not named by authorities, allegedly told police they regained consciousness while Salata performed sex acts on them without their consent."

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Read the full report over at The Daily Beast.