Watch: Florida man confronted by beachgoers after he defies rules to stand on protected sea turtle eggs

A Florida man was confronted by angry beachgoers earlier this week when he defied environmental rules and tried to watch a fireworks display by standing on top of eggs laid by an endangered sea turtle.

Local news station Fox 13 reports that 33-year-old Brandon Bowen knowingly walked into a cordoned off area on a local beach where a female sea turtle had made a nest.

When fellow beachgoers confronted the man for standing on the turtle eggs, he grew angry and started screaming profanities at them.

"I ain’t scared of you, I’m sitting by my [expletive] self!" he can be heard yelling in a video caught by a beachgoer.

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After Bowen refused to move, someone eventually called the police and reported him for posing a danger to the sea turtle eggs.

Nicole Ponce, who witnesses Bowen's tantrum after being asked to move to a new location, told the station that she was appalled by his behavior.

"That is completely illegal," she said. "He would have destroyed all the eggs that were there."

Fox 13 reports that Bowen was subsequently arrested and charged with "harassing or molesting marine turtles or their eggs" and is being held on a $5,000 bond.

Watch a video report on the incident below.