WATCH: Raging Florida man hurls N-word at pregnant woman during parking dispute

A pregnant woman who was arguing with a man over a parking spot at a Florida Walmart managed to get his racist rant on video, WFLA reports.

“I was pointing at the parking spot and telling him that I’m waiting for it, and he flicks me off. So when he flicks me off, I just give him a thumbs-up back," Stachi Simmons, who’s 8-months pregnant, told WFLA.

She says the man then got out of his vehicle, approached her window, and began hurling racial slurs.

“I put down the window and I proceeded to record him, and he just came up calling me the n-word,” said Simmons.

Watch a report on the story below:

Pregnant woman captures man’s racist rant over parking spot in Lee County