Florida man busted with cocaine and meth wrapped around his penis ​says it isn't his
Rolled Dollar With Cocaine Heap On Black Table (Shutterstcok)

On Thursday, Orlando Weekly reported that a man from Clearwater, Florida is pleading ignorance after police found a package of drugs wrapped around a sensitive part of his body.

"34-year-old Patrick Florence was riding in a car that was pulled over after police say was driving without its lights on early Saturday morning," reported Alex Galbraith. "The driver of the vehicle was arrested by police for DUI and possession of marijuana. A search of the car uncovered a gun under Florence's seat."

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After this, according to the report, "The deputies searched Florence and found bags of methamphetamines and cocaine wrapped around Florence's penis. Florence was arrested and the report said he 'stated the package wrapped around his penis was not his'" — although he did not tell police who the real owner might be.

Hiding drugs in the crotch is not a new practice. In 2012, one case made national news after a Philadelphia man was found with 89 bags of cannabis tied to his penis.