Florida man arrested after bragging he was at Capitol riot on Facebook: ‘You know I was there, right?’
John Maron Nassif of Chuluota, Florida during Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol (Photo: FBI affidavit)

Another man was arrested after he bragged that he was part of the attack at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 on social media.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, 55-year-old John Maron Nassif bragged on Facebook and posted videos from inside the building.

"You know I was there, right?" wrote Nassif two days after the event, according to the Justice Department affidavit. "You don't find it odd that police officer is welcoming everybody in? Considering the narrative that's being pushed?"

"I found myself inside the building. The Rotunda was nearly filled with people," Nassif also. "No one was fighting or being violent. More pushing and I decided to leave. It wasn't until I was walking back that I heard a rumor someone had been shot. It wasn't till I got back to my hotel room I learned the specifics. Anyone telling you this was some type of coup etc is telling you lies."

He then proceeded to post a series of memes and claims that Antifa was the one behind the riot.

During his Monday hearing, Nassif was seen on Zoom, not wearing a mask while sitting next to his lawyer who was.

"He was released from custody on Monday and is scheduled for an initial hearing via Zoom May 17 at 1 p.m. in Washington D.C.," said the Sentinel. "He doesn't have the money for a lawyer so he's getting a public defender appointed."

He expressed concern about the public defender being out of the DC office, but the judge explained that due to the huge number of people arrested from the Capitol attack, "they've got this down by now."

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