Florida man pulls gun on neighbors, claims they're spying on him for the CIA and FBI
Assault rifle via Shutterstock

According to Ocala-News, a man in Ocala, Florida pulled a rifle on his neighbors — and said they were spying on him for the CIA and FBI.

"A witness stated he was inside when he heard a vehicle's horn going off. He stated he went outside and observed the neighbor, 36-year-old Nathan Yedinak, in his vehicle in his driveway. He stated Yedinak started a verbal altercation about stalking and messing with him," reported Sade Teel. "The son stated he heard the altercation and went outside to see what the issue was. He stated, when his father went back inside to get his bag, Yedinak acted like he was going to get into his vehicle but instead pulled out a rifle and pointed it at him. The son stated Yedinak told him 'You're going die today if you [expletive] with me.'"

"Yedinak later admitted he went to the victim's home to confront the son and father about allegedly stalking him and said the FBI and CIA are involved," continued the report. "He stated during the altercation, the father went to go get a bag and the son became more irate approaching him. Yedinak admitted he went back into his vehicle and showed the son his rifle, according to the report."

According to the report, Yedinak has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon and is being held on $10,000 bond.

This comes amid a series of other stories about gun mishaps in Florida, including a man who was shot in the gut by his father during a fight over medications, and a 12 and 14 year old who stole high-powered weapons and fired on police.