Florida Sheriff slams DeSantis’ permitless carry law: 'we stopped listening to law enforcement'
Jon Stewart applauds the athletes participating in the 2016 Department of Defense Warrior Games during closing ceremonies at the U.S. Military Academy in West Point, N.Y. June 21, 2016. (Department of Defense photo by EJ Hersom)

A Florida law enforcement official has issued a stern rebuke to Gov. Ron DeSantis over a new state law that will allow permitless carry in the Sunshine State.

The likely 2024 presidential candidate on Monday quietly signed into law a measure that will allow firearms to be carried without owners having to get permits. Orange County Sheriff John Mina described the measure as “political” and said it wouldn’t enhance public safety.

Mina made his comments during an appearance on “The Problem With Jon Stewart.” The show tweeted out a clip of the interview, and Mina’s comment in response to a question from Stewart about whether the law, which hadn’t been signed at the time of the recording, would benefit the community.

“There is no benefit to the community,” Mina said.

“It has become a political issue and so somewhere along the line we stopped listening to law enforcement. The men and women who patrol the streets every night and risk their own lives. Go ask the street cop what he thinks about encountering lots of people with a gun stuck in a waistband.

“It's not going to make our communities safer, it's going to make them more dangerous.”