WATCH: Elderly Floridians speak out to CNN after Republicans secretly switched their voter registration
Juan Salazar (CNN).

In an interview aired on Monday, CNN's Randi Kaye talked to elderly residents of a Florida housing complex who allegedly had their party registrations switched from Democratic to Republican without their permission by voter registration volunteers — focusing in particular on the plight of a man named Juan Salazar.

"This is the old card," said Kaye. "And it says, right here, Democratic Party."

"Yeah," said Salazar.

"And the new card says Republican Party of Florida," continued Kaye. "And that's not what you want?"

"No," said Salazar. "I want to be Democrat."

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"There are hundreds of these third-party voter registration organizations throughout the state, and it is legal for them to reach out to voters," said Kaye. "When it becomes a problem is if they didn't register with the state or if they are filling out these forms for the voters, instead of having the voters do it themselves. Or if they are changing party affiliation without the voter's consent. Then it becomes illegal, and that's what they are investigating."

Watch below:

Randi Kaye speaks to Florida seniors who had their party registration switched