'Don't come here': Miami mayor warns away visitors as spring breakers turn streets into a 'superspreader event'
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Appearing on MSNBC on Sunday morning after a curfew had to be called in his city the night before, the mayor of Miami Beach made a plea for visitors to avoid his city which is being overwhelmed by spring breakers who have already clashed with police in the streets.

Speaking with hosts Kendis Gibson and Lindsey Reiser, Mayor Dan Gelber warned the flood of young people drawn to his city by cheap airfare and good weather, has turned into a superspreader event due to the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis.

"We survived the night," he stated as video showed police tackling partiers who failed to disperse. "But now we worry about the future. We have three problems going on: that is an enormous number of people are coming here, more than we can expect, even more than our city which sometimes gets hundreds of thousands of people here in a single night. Just too many are coming. Second problem is too many of those people that are coming are really exercising bad judgment, maybe they've been pent up, they're just coming here with bad intentions. whatever it is, there are people doing things they shouldn't be doing."

"Of course, the third problem is we're in the middle of a pandemic," he continued. "Dade County still has often a thousand infections a day and 350 people checking into the hospital and often dozens of deaths in a single day. So we're sort of struggling with three things simultaneously, and having seen, obviously, the deaths, this is quite the challenge."

Later calling the street activity a "superspreader event," he criticized Florida Gov Ron DeSantis (R) saying, "Now we have the governor saying you don't have to wear a mask, everything is open, come on, it's great. Then you have the other mayors watching what's happening, and it's really been a problem. I wish he at least would urge people to practice healthy practices because there is still a pandemic and these crowds you see are not healthy and they're not safe."

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