Florida teacher used whistle to disrupt Muslim students' prayers while telling them 'I believe in Jesus!'
Students in school classroom (Shutterstock)

On Friday, The Daily Beast reported that a charter school teacher in South Florida has been dismissed after she reportedly used a whistle to disrupt the prayers of Muslim students.

"A TikTok video of the incident shows the unidentified teacher entering her office and blowing a whistle upon seeing two students praying," reported Alec Karam.

"I believe in Jesus so I’m interrupting the floor, excuse me," the teacher said. "And why are they in my office? Who told them to come in here?"

Muslims and Christians both worship the same deity, known alternatively in various faiths as Yahweh or Allah. Indeed, Muslims revere Jesus as a holy prophet, one of several who revealed partial revelations before Muhammad, although they do not consider him to be the Son of God.

"Officials of Franklin Academy, the South Florida public charter school where the incident happened, said they launched an investigation into the teacher’s conduct after the 'troubling' video surfaced, ultimately firing her," said the report. In a statement, the school said that “Franklin Academy does not tolerate discriminatory behavior.”

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Over the past year, a number of scandals around discriminatory behavior from teachers have emerged from Florida.

In May, a teacher in Duval County Public Schools in the Jacksonville area called a middle school student the N-word and told him "Black people are beneath White people." And in September, an art teacher at Manatee High School in Bradenton was fired after he told a student who didn't stand for the Pledge of Allegiance to "go back" to "Mexico or Guatemala."