Trump is ‘increasingly irritated’ with Ron DeSantis as tensions grow over 2024: report
Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) and President Donald Trump (Photo: White House)

Donald Trump has grown frustrated with Ron DeSantis as the Florida governor's political star has continued to rise in Republican circles, CNN reported Friday.

"People close to both men first noticed the palpable shift in Trump's posture toward DeSantis earlier this year as enthusiasm for the Florida governor swelled among donors and GOP operatives who praised his laissez-faire response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The more DeSantis' popularity soared, the more obsessed Trump became with receiving credit for his political celebrity," CNN's Gabby Orr and Steve Contorno reported.

Trump has reportedly been grousing about DeSantis to guests at his Mar-a-Lago resort.

"Though the two remain in regular contact, Trump has become increasingly irritated at DeSantis' refusal to publicly dismiss a 2024 bid of his own if the former President himself decides to run. Two people close to the situation said DeSantis has privately assured Trump and others that he has no intention of challenging him in a GOP presidential primary, but they noted that Trump won't be fully satisfied until the governor says so publicly," CNN reported.

A former Trump aide told CNN the one-term politician did not understand the situation.

"I don't think Trump appreciates the conundrum DeSantis is in. He wants him to say, 'I won't run,' but DeSantis isn't going to weigh in like that," the former aide said. "It's a very smart view. Until you get reelected, don't start to have a conversation about 2024. If you're trying to ask people for your vote and you're leaning into presidential speculation, it makes it a lot harder."

The report noted DeSantis has raised $56 million in 2021, including $50,000 from former Trump Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and $250,000 from "close Trump pal" and Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus.

"Trump allies say it's the organic enthusiasm for DeSantis -- among deep-pocketed donors and the grassroots flank of the GOP -- that has fueled Trump's frustration with the governor, especially as it relates to 2024. When Trump's name was removed from a presidential straw poll at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in February, it was DeSantis who led the pack with 43% support among the MAGA-friendly audience," CNN noted.

Trump spokesman Taylor Budowich suggested Trump "catapulted" DeSantis with his 2018 endorsement.

"President Trump remains committed and supportive of Governor Ron DeSantis, who has been a champion for President Trump's America First agenda," said Budowich.

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