Former teacher and LDS bishop has a long history of sexual abuse but has never been charged
Screenshot via News 12

An Arizona former school teacher who was arrested last year for the alleged assault of two Phoenix junior high students will not be charged, News 12 reports.

Glendon Templeton, 62, previously a bishop in the LDS church, was accused of groping the teen girls while he was their volleyball coach.

Templeton has had similar allegations leveled at him since the 1980s, which included allegations of molestation, unwanted touching, and sexual assault made by five girls and seven women while he acting as either a babysitter, LDS bishop, or teacher.

“Why has he not been prosecuted? It’s a pattern that’s happened again and again. It should not have happened this many times over this many years,” said “Ashley”, a woman who requests her identity not be revealed because she alleges she is a victim of Templeton.

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Templeton denied the allegations to News 12 but declined to give an interview on the record. In spite the history of allegations against him, Templeton has never been charged with a crime.

“I would hope law enforcement would stop and take a second look, a harder look. Look at his patterns. Look at what he has been doing for 40-plus years,” said Liane Daniels, a niece of Templeton who also alleges he molested her on more than one occasion when she was a child.

Watch News 12's report on the story below:

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