Army soldier under investigation for saying he joined military to become 'more proficient in killing' Black people
DOD photo

A U.S. Army soldier is under investigation after he wrote on Instagram that he joined the military “for combat experience so I’m more proficient in killing” Black people, WCTI reports.

Killian Mackeithan Ryan also had numerous Instagram accounts that were in contact with others “associated with racially motivated extremism,” court records say regarding his case where he's accused of providing false information on a security clearance form to serve at Fort Bragg.

Ryan was also charged with driving under the influence at Fort Bragg in July.

In a statement, the Army said it "does not tolerate racism, extremism or hatred in our ranks."For one of his Instagram accounts,

Ryan used an email that contained the name “naziace1488." According to the Anti-Defamation League, 1488 is a combination of numeric symbols that are popular among white supremacists.

Military criminal defense lawyer Phillip Stackhouse said prosecuting someone for providing false information on a security clearance form is not routine in his experience.

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“Maybe they’re going to make an example of him,” Stackhouse said. “Maybe it’s to apply pressure on him to cooperate in some other investigation.”

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