'Unhinged' Trump's response to DOJ appeal exposes split with his lawyers: analyst
Donald Trump (Photo via AFP)

According to MSNBC political analyst Steve Benen, Donald Trump's over-the top-response to the Department of Justice's proposal to Judge Aileen Cannon that she stay portions of her special master ruling on sensitive documents the former president took with him to Mar-a-Lago reveals there is a rift between the former president and his attorneys who remained oddly silent after the filing.

Late Thursday, the DOJ asked the Trump-appointed judge for a "partial stay pending appeal on Cannon's order, saying that the intelligence community's review 'cannot be readily segregated from the Department of Justice’s and Federal Bureau of Investigation’s activities in connection with the ongoing criminal investigation,'" reported Axios.

The filing stated, "the government and the public are irreparably injured when a criminal investigation of matters involving risks to national security is enjoined," before adding, "The government and the public would suffer irreparable harm absent a stay."

That filing led to a blast from the former president on his Truth Social platform where he wrote about the FBI, "They leak, lie, plant fake evidence, allow the spying on my campaign, deceive the FISA Court, RAID and Break-Into my home, lose documents, and then they ask me, as the 45th President of the United States, to trust them. Look at the I.G. Reports on Comey, McCabe, and others. Things are safer in the middle of Central Park!"

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According to Benen, Trump's reaction was nothing less than "unhinged" as he made arguments his lawyers apparently won't touch.

"Notably, Trump once again added that federal law enforcement officials 'plant fake evidence' — a bizarre claim that the former president embraced, then abandoned, and then re-embraced," he wrote. "It’s all quite unhinged, but the biggest tell is the gap between Trump and his own lawyers. On his social media platform, the Republican pushes creative nonsense about planted evidence and declassifying materials, but in court, his attorneys realize that they can’t get away with peddling garbage."

"And therein lies the rub: We know the former president’s defenses aren’t real because even his lawyers won't endorse them," he concluded.

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