'Give me a break': Fox Business host battles Trump adviser over Georgia phone call
Fox Business/screen grab

Fox Business host Stuart Varney on Monday challenged Trump campaign adviser Hogan Gidley to explain why President Donald Trump had pressured a Georgia official to overturn the results of the election in a hour-long telephone call.

"The markets are clearly worried about tomorrow's elections in Georgia," Varney explained to Gidley. "And the president, he's going there having pressured in this leaked phone call [the] Georgia Secretary of State to 'find' more votes."

"I'm not sure that's going down well in Georgia," the Fox Business host noted. "Are you a bit worried?"

"That's not what the president did," Gidley insisted. "This man, President Donald Trump, is the same behind the scenes as he is in public."

Gidley went on to claim that he had "hard evidence" that "proves" the election was filled with fraud and irregularities.

"Would you, if you could, would you withdraw that phone call?" Varney pressed. "And never make it in the first place? Withdraw it because it's not going down well, Hogan."

"Well, again, this is the media we're talking about," Gidley scoffed. "It's not the first time that a presidential phone call has been leaked by the other side of a conversation and the media runs with it like it's some big revelation. It is clearly not."

The president's adviser added: "And the disgusting immorality of a statewide elected official, to have a conversation with the president of the United States, record that conversation and then selectively leak pieces of it to help himself politically and you think he has complete and total transparency and honesty about an election at this point? Give me a break."

Watch the video below from Fox Business.