Fox News faces backlash after implication that Biden is just as racist as Trump during press briefing
Photo: Screen capture

Fox News faced off against the new White House on Monday and tried to create a false equivalency between former President Donald Trump, a documented racist, and President Joe Biden.

When President Trump was imposing travel restrictions in March on China, then-candidate Biden called it "xenophobic and fearmongering," said Fox News' White House reporter Peter Doocy, son of host Steve Doocy. "So, now President Biden is putting travel restrictions on people coming in from other countries. What word would you use to describe that?"

Obviously, in the case of Trump, who referred to the COVID-19 pandemic as the "Kung-flu" and "Chinese virus," travel from China was shutdown not based on science but on fear. Dr. Anthony Fauci at the time explained that a travel ban was pointless on Jan. 31 when it was clear the virus was already in the United States. At the same time, the travel ban didn't actually ban everyone coming into the U.S. from China. Over 400,000 people were allowed to enter the United States without being tested for COVID-19 after the China ban.

In the case of Biden, the decision was made based on the recommendations of scientists and medical experts on the COVID-19 team. White House press secretary Jen Psaki said that Biden called the Muslim travel ban xenophobic and racist.

Biden uniformly instituted travel restrictions that Trump canceled, mandating that would block non-US citizens who have been in COVID hotspots and sites of the more contagious strain. Those countries are not isolated to one specific nationality and include Brazil, Ireland, the United Kingdom and much of Europe, as well as the new addition of South Africa, where a new more deadly strain has been seen.

Psaki also announced that beginning Tuesday, anyone coming into the United States "must provide proof of a negative test within three days of travel to airlines prior to departure," which includes U.S. citizens, coming from overseas.

See the video below as well as some of the criticisms: