Fox News has 'strong desire' to sink Trump's 2024 campaign: network contributor reveals
Fox News/screen grab

Management at Fox News has a "strong desire to move on from Donald Trump," network contributor Mara Liasson revealed on Sunday.

Appearing on the Fox News Media Buzz program, host Howard Kurtz noted that Trump's hyperbolic statements about President Joe Biden's government were not getting much coverage.

"It's because he's in reruns," National Review correspondent Jim Geraghty said. "The laptop from hell. We've heard him say that like 1,000 times. It's not all that newsworthy."

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Liasson agreed: "I think you can just look at the New York Post or Fox News and remember when he announced his election campaign. 'Florida man announces for re-election' Page 26. There's no doubt that the majority of conservative media, Fox first and foremost, has a strong desire to move on from Donald Trump and are not paying enough attention and giving him enough airtime, I think, as they used to."

Watch the video below from Fox News or at the link.