'I understand how you feel': Fox News host comforts guest who calls Joe Biden a 'dumb bastard'
Fox News/screen grab

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade admonished a guest on Thursday after he called President Joe Biden a "dumb bastard."

The remark came as Kilmeade was interviewing Brian Dockter, a technician who claimed to be out of work due to Biden's tax policies.

"What is your message to Washington and to the John Kerrys of the world who tell you to go pick another profession?" Kilmeade asked.

"Why doesn't he pick a different profession?" Dockter replied. "He's obviously not good at it so if anybody should lose a job it should be him and his cronies and Biden."

"Biden's such a dumb bastard he just doesn't get anything," he added.

"Yeah, can't talk about the president like that," Kilmeade responded. "But I understand your frustration. Especially with politicians who see bar graphs and pie charts and not people. We like to see people here."

"And I understand how you feel," the Fox News host concluded.

Watch the video below from Fox News.