Former GOP staffer suggests Fox doesn't deserve White House press access if they'll ignore Jan 6 hearings
ABC News/screen grab

On MSNBC Tuesday, former Republican Party spokesman Kurt Bardella tore into Fox News for refusing to carry coverage of the upcoming January 6 hearings in Congress.

Fox has said that coverage of the hearings will be relegated to its business channel, leaving its primetime lineup on its main channel in regular programming.

"This is the most ... troubling and disturbing news story ever," said anchor Joy Reid. "To not cover it seems negligent, but there are studies that show that if even Fox viewers, as read in and in the bubble as they are, when they watch non-Fox coverage when they are made to sit down and watch other coverage, they do develop a broader view."

"Well, this is why, Joy," said Bardella. "I think it's time that we reach the point where we stop treating Fox like a news outlet at all, because it's clearly not. They are making the conscious decision to commit journalistic malpractice by ignoring the biggest story right now, the biggest story perhaps in our — in our entire country's history actually, when you look at where this is all going. This is a major pivotal inflection point in the fight to salvage democracy, and they are choosing not to cover it. That's not the action of a responsible news outlet. Not the action of a journalist or reporter. That's the action of a propaganda vehicle for a political party that's determined to play a substantial role in undermining democracy as we know it."

Bardella took it further, suggesting that Fox News doesn't deserve to have White House press passes.

"Why these people are allowed to have a White House press briefing access, why they are allowed to have a press credential to cover the U.S. Capitol, I have no idea," said Bardella. "I know this. If al-Qaeda created a media outlet, we wouldn't give them a hard pass to cover our government. Why in the world would we allow the people who are egging on, fomenting and defending insurrectionists to have that type of access? They shouldn't."

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Kurt Bardella says Fox News doesn't deserve White House press passes