Fox News reporter debunks claims about American 'biolabs' in Ukraine after Hannity brings them up
(Screenshot via Fox News/YouTube)

Russian propaganda outfits in recent days have been spreading rumors of American "biowarfare" laboratories in Ukraine as a justification for Russian President Vladimir Putin's invasion of the country.

Fox News host Sean Hannity brought up these labs during his show on Wednesday, but Fox News defense reporter Jennifer Griffin was quick to debunk the claim as propaganda.

"Those are Soviet-era biolabs that the U.S. has been engaged, since 2005, in trying to help Ukraine convert to research facilities safely," she said. "In Uzbekistan, for instance, the United States eliminated nearly 12 tons of weaponized anthrax from an island in the Aral Sea in 2001."

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She then read a statement from the Pentagon talking about how Russia uses small tidbits of information that have elements of truth and then twists them completely to use as disinformation.

Hannity then said that "we never got clarity" about the true nature of the labs, but Griffin was again quick to jump in.

"Well we do have clarity," she said. "I have a fact sheet right here, that's what I was just reading from, from the Pentagon. It is a long program that has existed, where the Pentagon has partnered with these biolabs. These are Soviet-era labs!"

Watch the video below.