'You should probably have a thought on this': Fox News calls out Marsha Blackburn on Marjorie Taylor Greene
Fox News/screen grab

Fox News hosts Sandra Smith and John Roberts on Wednesday grilled Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) after she refused to express an opinion on controversial Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA).

"I know you think this is a matter that is better left for the House to deal with, but it does raise significant issues for the Republican Party," Roberts explained. "What will the perception and what will the future of the party be?"

"That is my former chamber and I know how frustrated it would make me when senators would weigh in on things that we were doing or debating over in the House chamber," Blackburn remarked. "So I'm going to leave the actions of the day to the House leadership."

Smith pressed: "When it comes, Senator, to Marjorie Taylor Greene, Karl Rove says she's a problem for our party and that our party needs to deal with this. What are your thoughts?"

"I'm going to leave all of this about the House to the House," Blackburn deflected.

"You don't have a stand either way?" Smith asked.

"You know, Sandra, I'm going to let them deal with the issues that are in front of them today. We're going to leave all of this to the House leadership."

"Just if I could follow up," Smith tried again. "You're a sitting U.S. senator, you should probably have a thought on this."

"Sandra, I'm going to leave all of this to the House," Blackburn repeated. "I know they're working through this."

Watch the video below from Fox News.