Charge Fox News executives with ‘crimes against humanity’ and ‘election interference’: Newsmax hosts
Fox News via the network's Facebook page.

On Newsmax Friday, longtime conservative internet talkers turned talk show hosts Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, better known by their stage names "Diamond and Silk," tore into Fox News during a segment about James Murdoch donating to left-wing causes, saying that their executives should be charged with "crimes against humanity" and "election interference."

"First of all, where's the FEC?" said Hardaway. "This is why what happened on election night in 2020 happened. It was the executives making the decision, in my humble opinion. Even when it comes down to this pandemic and allowing Fauci to spew lies and to give us misinformation, these executives went along with it."

"I think these executives should be charged with crimes against humanity, and also with election interference," continued Hardaway. Richardson agreed, suggesting that politics was also behind Fox News' decision to cancel their own program, since they were a "powerful voice" for Trump. In fact, Fox News fired them for pushing COVID-19 conspiracy theories including that the virus may have been "man-made" or delivered to people through 5G cell towers.

Trump and his allies have increasingly fallen out with Fox News as the right-wing network has slowly seen its viewership bleeding to newer, more right-wing upstarts including Newsmax. Fox News cut ties with "Diamond and Silk" in 2020 for pushing a conspiracy theory about the coronavirus death toll.

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