‘I don’t know how you sleep at night’: MSNBC host calls out right-wing media for 'needless' COVID deaths

Right-wing media was called out on MSNBC on Monday for pushing vaccine skepticism messages that have contributed to low vaccination rates in many red states.

"And we've got some breaking coronavirus news," MSNBC anchor Chuck Todd said. "Just now, from the CDC, Dir. Rochelle Walensky, she's briefing right now, as the country, once again, is moving in the wrong direction on this virus."

"Walensky says there has been a 10% increases of cases since last week — 10%," he said, noting the Delta Variant accounts for 25% of cases.

"She called the Delta Variant, 'highly transmissible' and that its spread is being fueled by places with low vaccination rates," Todd explained. "Dr. Walensky says more than 1,000 counties have vaccination rates less than 50%."

"Folks, nearly 10,000 people died in the month of June. They were needless deaths. Please get vaccinated and if you know someone who is not vaccinated, find a way to get them vaccinated."

"Literally, the only people dying are the unvaccinated. And for those spreading misinformation, shame on you," he said as he pointed his finger at the monitor. "Shame on you. People are needlessly dying because of your misinformation. Think about it. I don't know how some of you sleep at night — who are doing this for a living on television."


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