Fox News reports Covid-19 is both 'raging out of control' and 'good for society'
Fox News/screen grab

Fox News offered its audience competing views of the pandemic on Tuesday, claiming that the Omicron variant of Covid-19 is both "raging out of control" and "good for society."

During Tuesday's Outnumbered program on Fox News, host Kayleigh McEnany slammed President Joe Biden for suggesting that state and local governments should have a larger role in fighting Covid-19.

"Now as Covid cases rage out of control across the country despite his mask and vaccine mandates, the president is trying to avoid blame yet again," McEnany opined.

But just hours earlier, McEnany was hosting Fox & Friends when co-host Will Cain argued that the current surge in Covid-19 cases is "good for society."

"Omicron could actually be good for society," Cain asserted to McEnany. "If we have a very mild form of this disease that confers natural antibodies. That's the end of the pandemic. That was called a conspiracy theory and misinformation. But three weeks later, everyone is understanding that's the truth."

Watch the video clips below.