Fox News is facing 'the perfect storm' as they face 'disastrous' lawsuits while viewers flee: media analyst
Media mogul Rupert Murdoch (Shutterstock)

Appearing on MSNBC's "The Cross Connection," a media analyst stated the things could not be worse for Fox News as they watch their viewership numbers plummet while facing lawsuits including a new one asking for $2.7 billion in damages for bogus claims of voter fraud.

As guest Eric Boehlert put it, the conservative news organization that went all-in in supporting Donald Trump is now facing "the perfect storm."

Speaking with host Tiffany Cross after a discussion of fired Fox Business host Lou Dobbs, the smiling Boehlert stated, "Fox is facing a perfect storm now. I have written about and monitored Fox News for 10, 15 years and I have never seen them in the position they are right now."

"The Smartmatic lawsuit is really just an exclamation point," he continued. "Trump left the political landscape, he's nowhere to be seen, not granting interviews to anyone, not at Fox. That robs hundreds of hours of news each month for continuing Trump programming. Fox News' ratings? They're in last place for folks who might not follow the cable news wars, they're in third -- last place. That has not happened since before 9/11. They had a 20-year run and for many of the 20 years, it wasn't even close and it's become more close over the last five years. They are now in last place."

"The right-wing base has splintered, right?" he elaborated. "Newsmax, OAN, others ran to the fringe -- we don't know who won. We may never know who won. Fox News belatedly tried to play catch-up. But by then the damage was done, we've never seen it splinter, it's really important for the Republican Party -- for 20 years the Republican Party -- to go on Fox News and reach the base, reach the followers. Now when Republicans go on Fox News, they're not getting the whole base because again, the right-wing has left Fox News, they've gone to Newsmax, they've gone to other places."

"It's a disaster for Fox News," he continued. "The Smartmatic lawsuit -- for all of the reasons I just mentioned -- this is a disaster. I think we are going to end up seeing a massive, massive settlement, the type we haven't seen in decades in terms of media libel and slander. It's only February, but Fox News is already in such a deep hole."

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