Fox News staffing up with ex-Trump staffers and GOP operatives
Sean Hannity on Fox News (Screen capture)

Fox News has filled at least nine editorial positions with former Trump administration officials or Republican operatives.

The conservative network further blurred the line between news and GOP politics by hiring Republican staffers for the roles, mostly on the network's digital side, according to a Media Matters analysis.

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“Close observers of Fox News’ digital properties note that the main site has skewed even further to the right under [the leadership of former 'Hannity' producer Porter Berry," The Daily Beast previously reported. "[] has leaned more into aggregation of conservative culture-war stories and straight write-ups of commentary delivered on opinion shows like 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' and 'Hannity.' At the same time, the site has been called out for burying or wildly spinning news that is unflattering or negative for Trump.”

All of the hires have come since President Joe Biden took office last year.