Fox News guests laugh in Trump supporter's face for delusional defense of Georgia phone tapes
Fox News/screen grab)

Fox News pundits A. B. Stoddard and Jessica Tarlov laughed out loud on Sunday as Trump surrogate Gayle Trotter praised the president's attempt to pressure the state of Georgia to overturn his loss.

In audio of an hour-long phone call that was published on Sunday, Trump can be heard both berating and flattering Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who insists that President-elect Joe Biden's win was legitimate.

"This is incredibly politically damaging to President Trump," Stoddard said of the call. "He does not care one iota about that."

"This phone call where the president is threatening a secretary of state who has counted the votes three times, a Republican who supported him, is going to be very hard for them to defend," she pointed out.

Tarlov said that she was "absolutely gobsmacked" after hearing audio of the telephone call.

But Trotter defended the president's conversation with Raffensperger.

"A. B. and Jessica just don't get it," Trotter said. "The voters who wanted President Trump to have a second term voted for him because he's a fighter, he's a man who fights."

As Trotter spoke, she was repeatedly interrupted by laughter from Stoddard and Tarlov.

"A. B. said this would be politically damaging and Jessica is giving advice to her political opponent," she continued. "Well, President Trump doesn't take advice from political opponents. And here's yet another example where he shows that he's going to the mat for the over 70 million voters who entrusted him to fight back."

Trotter added: "This is yet another opportunity where he understands the radical leftist agenda that Joe Biden and his administration want to push."

The comment caused Stoddard and Tarlov to break out in laughter.

Watch the video below from Fox News.