Blistering CNN supercut takes aim at Fox and NewsMax for spreading 'deadly' propaganda 'as Americans die'

In a blistering supercut, CNN took aim Wednesday morning at right-wing media outlets and elected officials for spreading dangerous misinformation about COVID-19 vaccinations.

"607,771 Americans have died of the virus, and 99 percent of the people dying right now are unvaccinated," New Day hosts Brianna Keilar and John Berman repeated between each clip of a Fox News or NewsMax host — or Republican lawmaker such as Madison Cawthorn or Lauren Boebert — spouting anti-vaccine conspiracy theories.

"Millions of Americans are seeing the nonsensical, nonscientific propaganda instead of this," Berman said later, before playing a haunting clip from the Australian Government's Department of Health, showing a woman on a ventilator struggling to breathe.

"When history asks how so many American died when they could have been saved by a simple shot or two, you'll see these TV clips again that we've just shown, in documentaries, about the cautionary tale that has been America's response to the coronavirus pandemic," Keilar added. "About how a large part of our country, misled by misinformation often echoed by elected officials and right-wing media, was thrown a life raft, and instead said, 'No, I'll take my chances.'"

CNN contributor Bill Carter then called for employees at Fox News and other outlets that have been spreading vaccine disinformation to step down.

"If you worked at an organization where some people were poisoning the water in a town, how could you not speak up and say you can't do this?" Carter said. "This is poisoned information."

Watch it below.

New Day on anti-vaxx propaganda