'White lives matter' mob with 'ballistic vests' target Juneteenth festival in Tennessee

A mob of white protesters was disbanded in Tennessee on Sunday after they turned up at a Juneteenth festival in ballistic gear.

WSMV reported that Franklin police asked the group to leave "after attempting to disrupt the Juneteenth celebration."

In a photo, the group of white men can be seen carrying signs promoting the racist "white replacement" theory. "White Genocide" and "White Lives Matter" messages were printed on other signs.

Police said "another group, who said they were a buffer between festival-goers and the other group, included people who were armed and wearing ballistic vests," WSMV reported.

"Members of each group were also reportedly handing out pamphlets saying they are protesting because 'the anti-white system is committed to our physical genocide' to festival attendees before police arrived," the report said.

The protesters in both groups agreed to leave peacefully and no arrests were made.

Watch the video clip below or at this link.

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