A fight almost breaks out between Freedom Convoy truckers during morning meeting: report
Truck convoy leader 'has no idea where he is' and is 'driving in circles' around I-495: report

The so-called Freedom Convoy continues to struggle as part of its ongoing effort to protest a number of grievances. But things grew heated Tuesday at the morning meeting, Vice News reported.

A man using the name of the Will Ferrell character "Ricky Bobby" came to join the group hosting a tailgate party. During their morning speeches, the young man walked up to grab the microphone claiming to be Ricky Murphy. He'd been there for 16 days, he explained.

“I’m not alone when I say there has been a bit of confusion with the people,” he explained. “It’s time that we work together with our leadership.”

He rambled before inviting folks to the party where "a streamer named Jersey Jay would be having at the 'back 40' for folks to air their many grievances." He also claimed that he knew the next location the group was hitting, promising there would be bathrooms this time.

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Truckers claimed Tuesday that they were forced to soil themselves while driving on the highway because some larger trucks are not allowed to enter Washington, D.C. city limits.

"This didn’t sit well with the trucker brass watching his speech," said the report. "When the mic was finally handed off, a trucker organizer, clearly upset, began raging about how Murphy didn’t speak for the convoy and urged those in attendance to not be 'led astray.' But Murphy had an extra hooked-up mic on him. So when he talked back to the organizer—saying 'if you don’t want the people to have a voice, I can’t support this'—it was amplified. This pushed the top brass and their supporters over the edge."

Convoy protesters surrounded Murphy, lodging threats. One asked, whose convoy it was, and Murphy responded "we the people!" They then told him that wasn't the case. It's an odd claim since the group has purported to support the rights of "the people" and told people in Washington, as they passed, that they were fighting for everyone's rights.

The debate with Murphy got heated, with one man saying it would get "really ugly, really fast." It was ultimately broken up before any punches were thrown.

Read the full report from Vice.

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