Eric Trump and Don Jr to rally with ‘outlaw’ Kentucky candidate who’s been begging for their dad’s endorsement
Donald Trump, pointing at his sons Donald Trump, Jr and Eric Trump (Twitter)

Donald Trump Jr. and his brother Eric Trump are rallying this weekend in Kentucky with a disbarred former attorney who's been begging for their father's endorsement in his long-shot gubernatorial campaign.

The former president's two eldest sons will share the stage Saturday with Eric Deters, who is hosting "Freedom Fest" at his farm just outside Cincinnati, along with right-wing influencer Candace Owens, Babylon Bee operator Seth Dillon and Don Jr.'s fiancée Kimberly Guilfoyle, reported The Daily Beast.

“Morningview, Kentucky, you’re not going to want to miss this event!” Guilfoyle tweeted. “We are going to SAVE AMERICA! Hope to see many of you there."

Deters, who has repeatedly lost his law license for various infractions and was fired as a talk radio host for racist remarks, hosted the same event last year on his 138-acre farm in rural Kenton County, where thousands of MAGA loyalists, including a group of Proud Boys, waved American flags and railed against vaccine mandates.

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This year's event is sponsored by a Wyoming energy company with ties to Kentucky, in addition to Deters, his media company and the law firm he continues to operate even though the state has suspended his law license at least twice, and Ohio fined him last year for giving legal advice -- but the self-described legal "outlaw" has told the Kentucky Bar Association in writing that he will always work in the law.

“No one can stop me from doing that,” he told the Bar Association.

Deters lost his job as a “weekend and substitute talk show host” with WLW-AM in 2011 after a video surfaced online showing him making racist comments.

“I just want you to know that I understand Black culture," Deters said on the video. "If you want to conquer an African nation, send white women and pot!”

He served as a campaign volunteer for Donald Trump's first presidential campaign, and he has sought the ex-president's endorsement by paying $100,000 to attend a Feb. 23 fundraiser at Mar-A-Lago, where he met GOP operative Corey Lewandowski and began a tumultuous political relationship.

“Deters paid to attend that event in hopes he would receive former President Donald Trump’s endorsement for Deters’ campaign for Governor of Kentucky,” Lewandowski said.

Lewandowski, who is now suing Deters, agreed to serve as his political adviser after Deters claimed to be an "independently wealthy" and “well-respected Kentucky attorney” with "more than $5,000,000 in the bank,” but the candidate quickly fell behind on his $17,500 monthly bill.

Deters paid another $75,000 to attend a Trump event at this year's Kentucky Derby, but he angered the former president's team by telling reporters that Trump had called Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell a "scumbag," and Lewandowski says he told him his behavior could be seen as "disloyal."

Trump eventually endorsed Kentucky's attorney general Daniel Cameron, a McConnell acolyte, in his GOP campaign for governor, and Lewandowski dropped Deters as a client in June and sued him in August for unpaid work, but Deters intends to continue his campaign as an independent -- although Donald Trump Jr. made clear his "Freedom Fest" appearance was not an endorsement.

“This is not an endorsement — this is an incredible event, in an incredible state and I am honored to take the stage on behalf of my father and the entire Make America Great Again movement!” Trump Jr. said in a statement.

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