Trump demands GOP shut down the government to block Freedom to Vote Act: 'Republicans have no choice!'
Donald Trump (AFP)

Donald Trump called on Senate Republicans to shut down the government as leverage to block the "horror" of Democratic legislation.

The twice-impeached one-term president issued a statement through his spokeswoman, who has not been banned from Twitter, urging Republicans to oppose raising the debt ceiling and block the Freedom to Vote Act.

"The only powerful tool that Republicans have to negotiate with is the Debt Ceiling, and they would be both foolish and unpatriotic not to use it now," Trump said in a statement. "The way I look at it, what the Democrats are proposing, on so many different levels, will destroy our Country. Therefore, Republicans have no choice but to do what they have to do, and the Democrats will have no choice but to concede all of the horror they are trying to inflict upon the future of the United States."

"Unrelated, but likewise, their so-called 'Voting Rights Bill' will be the end of our Democracy," the ex-president added. "Don't give up or concede, Republicans, this is the ultimate representation of the People!"