​Texas GOP candidate falsely claims school cafeterias are lowering tables to accommodate student 'furries'

Michelle Evans, a Republican candidate for the Texas State House of Representatives, is bizarrely accusing local schools of lowering cafeteria seats to accommodate student "furries."

Texas Monthly reports that Evans made the claim in response to a separate false right-wing claim about schools accommodating furries by placing litter boxes in school bathrooms.

"Cafeteria tables are being lowered in certain Round Rock Independent School District middle and high schools to allow 'furries' to more easily eat without utensils or their hands (ie, like a dog eats from a bowl)," she wrote on Twitter this week.

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However, Texas Monthly reached out to Round Rock ISD, and a spokesperson told them that they are not altering their cafeterias to accommodate children who identify as animals.

"This is not happening," the spokesperson explained. "Our tables don’t even have the option of lowering."

Evans nonetheless defended her decision to post false information about the school district and she said she was "merely relaying information" she'd heard from another parent.

Read full story here: https://www.texasmonthly.com/news-politics/texas-gop-candidate-furries-schools/