Same-sex couple says daycare director sent them 'dark and disturbing' voicemail urging them to break up
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A same-sex couple says the director of a Maryland daycare center sent them a voicemail urging them to split up, Fox 5 DC reported.

Kelly and Ky Gibbs say they removed their child from Rising Generations Early Learning Center after receiving the message from the center's director, Kimesha Munford, who is the daughter of the center's owners.

Munford claims in the message to be a prophet and even starts to speak in tongues.

“Hi Mrs. Gibbs, this is Ms. Kimesha from Rising Generation. I’m so sorry to be calling you this late and to be calling you from my personal private cell phone, but I had to call to let you know that I’m a prophet and God often speaks to me through dreams and visions,” Munford said in the voicemail. “And the word of the Lord says that God wants you and your wife to split up and I am so sorry to have to tell you this… [speaking incoherently] I also speak in tongues, I pray in tongues.”

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The couple said the message was a surprise since the center claims no religious affiliation, and they never received any indication that the center disapproved of their marriage.

“The message itself was so dark and disturbing that we were like what the…?” Ky Gibbs said.

“If you don’t have the control to not call me at 3:30 in the morning, especially to tell me something that has nothing to do with my child, I just don’t trust that you have the self-control to not do something with my child during the day,” Kelly said.

In a statement to Fox 5, the center said that it provides "quality childcare in a safe, friendly, loving, and inclusive environment for hundreds of families in the community regardless of race, class or sexual orientation."

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"With the safety and welfare of children in our care at the heart of what we do, any negative statements made about the LGBTQIA+ community do not reflect the thoughts or beliefs of our learning center," the center said.

“After launching an internal investigation into the allegations, we reprimanded the alleged employee. As such, we have and continue to extend our apologies to any of our affected Rising Generations Early Learning Center families," the center added.

In a letter to parents, the center said that Munford’s statements were “offensive and inappropriate" and that she “has been reprimanded and acknowledged their error in judgment.”

Fox 5 reported that as of last week, Munford was still employed at the center. The Gibbs say they have reached out to the state to investigate.

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