Republican who fought Trump to certify Georgia’s results testing 2024 presidential waters: report

Georgia Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan gained national attention following the 2020 presidential election when he resisted efforts by Donald Trump to overturn his state's election.

"The next few years will reveal the level of demand for a conservative Republican leader who is not aligned with Trump. Duncan tested those waters at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics on Tuesday night, where he delivered a speech," WMUR-TV reported.

Duncan is pushing for a "GOP 2.0."

"Well, I'm focused on healing and rebuilding the party right now. If you looked at my to-do list every day of what I have to do in all 50 states and the people I've got to talk to, I'm certainly consumed with trying to heal and rebuild the party, and we're going to be in a process of trying to figure out who's the best leader," Duncan said.

Could Duncan have a chance?

An analysis in his home-state newspaper, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution asked readers to "remember that the last two presidential cycles have featured the mayor of South Bend, Ind., Marianne Williamson, a motivational speaker, and a New York businessman with no political experience. Stranger things have already happened."