Top Georgia GOP lawmaker blows whistle on colleagues who passed restrictive voting law

According to a report from Business Insider, Georgia Lt. Gov Geoff Duncan (R) called out his Republican colleagues in a new book coming out, bluntly stating they passed an overreaching and restrictive voter bill in an effort to remain in power.

The report notes that Duncan details what went on behind the scenes in his new book "GOP 2.0" where he also said the Republican Party is in danger of falling apart unless it expands its horizons and quits scaring voters away.

"Duncan, who in 2018 was elected on a conservative slate alongside Gov. Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, has since come out against former President Donald Trump's attacks on the election results, stressing that the relentless onslaught has only served to undermine trust in the voting process," the report states.

In his book he wrote that Republicans passed the restrictive voting bill -- known as the "Election Integrity Act of 2021" -- signed by Kemp because "they got scared."

"Many held to the theory that if more people vote, Republicans will lose. Is that true? No. But the former president and other leaders convinced many in our party that is true," he wrote before adding, "Here's what's really true: If our party wants a future where it can win majorities and pass conservative legislation, it needs ideas and policies that can capture the hearts and minds of a majority, no matter how many people vote."

Elaborating on the fear GOP lawmakers felt as they hammered down the details contained in the bill, Duncan wrote, "Because they got scared, GOP leaders became too focused on making voting more difficult. One of the former president's prominent supporters — a longtime Georgia congressman — attacked our Republican secretary of state, questioning why he was 'working so hard to add drop boxes and take other steps to make it harder for Republicans to win.'"

Duncan also claimed, "We had a clear motive and selfish aims. Nobody thought GOP efforts were anything more than attempts to ensure more Republicans won next time."

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