George Conway confronted for his part in dragging Monica Lewinsky through the dirt
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In an otherwise friendly appearance on Molly Jong-Fast's "New Normal" podcast for the Daily Beast, attorney and conservative gadfly George Conway was put on the spot for his part in Bill Clinton's impeachment that also led White House intern Monica Lewinsky to be dragged through the dirt by both Republicans and Democrats.

As the Washington Post reported back in 2017, Conway -- the husband of Donald Trump White House adviser Kellyanne Conway --was a well-known conservative lawyer before Kenneth Starr's investigation of Clinton led to the ex-president being questioned about his relationship with the then 21-year old Lewinsky.

The Post noted, "In the 1990s, George was a quiet but critical presence in what Hillary Clinton would dub a 'vast right-wing conspiracy' — a hotshot young attorney working to undermine President Bill Clinton by offering secret legal aid to his accusers and reportedly funneling salacious details to the Drudge Report."

With Lewinsky back in the news as the central character in FX's "Impeachment: America Crime Story," Conway -- who is portrayed in the mini-series by Broadway actor George Salazar -- was asked how he views the events that roiled the nation and how he feels about Lewinsky was treated at the time.

According to Conway, he's still proud of going after Clinton but he does "feel bad for what happened to Monica."

"She was 21 years old in an internship with a man, a powerful man with a history of sexual harassment and assault who had allegations against him and who was also just, like, a Casanova. And then, somehow, this is all her fault. The media made it all her fault."

Conway conceded that he didn't realize "that it was going to be awful for Monica. I thought it was gonna be awful for Bill... it was impossible to fully foresee how the whole thing would play out… Frankly, I thought she was going to be portrayed as a victim of this guy."

Jong-Fast added that her mother, "Fear of Flying" novelist Erica Jong, also trashed the young Lewinsky, saying, "Horrible, horrible, horrible things. I don't even understand it."

Conway added, "It was the most amazing thing to me to watch all of these liberals do that. Because if this had been a woman doing what she did with a Republican president, oh, that woman would have been the victim in a heartbeat."

You can listen to the whole conversation here.