George Conway: Trump is finally telling the truth — he 'loved' what happened on January 6
President Donald Trump gestures in total shock during a campaign rally at the Giant Center. (Shutterstock)

On CNN Monday, conservative lawyer and Lincoln Project co-founder George Conway laid out a key way that former President Donald Trump has given the game away on the Capitol riot in his recent speeches and interviews about the incident, where he suggested the rioters were full of "love."

"George, does this feel like an escalation from the former president?" asked anchor Anderson Cooper. "Or part of, I guess, the next kind of the next stage in rewriting history? Not just, you know, the lies, themselves, but the danger of it, now?"

"I think there is an escalation but there's, also, a coming of full circle," said Conway, who is married to former White House counselor Kellyanne Conway. "Trump... is telling the truth, in one, fundamental way, which is about how he feels about January 6th. He did say how he felt, on January 6th, when he said we love you. I love you. And he said that, remember this day forever, he tweeted. And he said that these people were wonderful people. He said all of that on January 6th."

Conway then made the case that Trump really loved watching his supporters carry out a deadly riot at the Capitol.

"As Mitch McConnell said in his floor speech on February 13th, Trump loved this," continued Conway. "He loved what happened on January 6th because it was all about him. These people were fighting for him. They were fighting against democracy and against free elections, to be sure. But they were fighting for him. And that's what he cares about. And he's gone right back to that. And by claiming that Ashli Babbitt was innocent when, in fact, she was in the middle of committing a bunch of federal felonies, when she was shot in the shoulder and not in the head — he's continuing to lie about the election."

Watch below:

George Conway says Trump is finally being honest that he loved the Capitol riot