George Conway rips apart ‘insane’ Trump plan to seize voting machines

Legal expert George Conway reacted to a never-issued executive order from Donald Trump that called for the military to seize voting machines in a bid to keep him in power for weeks past Inauguration Day.

The order, which Trump's lawyers tried to shield from the House select committee, matched up with conspiracy theories promoted by attorney Sidney Powell and would have directed the defense secretary to seize voting machines in swing states won by Joe Biden, but Conway told MSNBC's "Morning Joe" there was no legal basis to any of it.

"This document is just the most insane thing you're ever going to see, and I don't even think there are words to describe how crazy it is," Conway said. "I mean, there's basically -- there's no statutory basis for it. There's no -- the facts in it are basically just made up and exaggerated."

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"I hate these analogies, but this document would have been, if it were ever tried to be executed, is kind of almost like the modern equivalent of the German Enabling Act in the 1930s, where essentially the executive is taking all power for itself," Conway added. "I mean, to use the military, which would have been a violation of the Insurrection Act, to seize voting machines and seize voting records throughout the country, you -- anybody who even thought that this could be possible on any level and put it down on a piece of paper is not of sound mind. The notion that these people who were pushing this idea actually had access to the president of the United States in the West Wing, in the Oval Office, I think, is just -- it is staggering to even think about."

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