Derek Chauvin's appeal is doomed after juror's comments about trial deliberations: George Floyd attorney

In an interview with TMZ, the attorney for George Floyd's family claimed that any attempt that former police officer Derek Chauvin makes to appeal his three convictions related to the death of the Black man -- whose neck he knelt on for over nine minutes -- are doomed to failure.

According to attorney Benjamin Crump, comments made by juror Brandon Mitchell made it clear that the jurors felt no outside pressure to convict the white police officer -- a line of defense Chauvin's attorney suggested might be used in an appeal.

Mitchell's comments "'completely obliterates' any argument the defense is planning to make about outside public opinions swaying the jury," Crump reportedly told TMZ.

You can see Brandon Mitchell's CBS interview below:

Derek Chauvin trial Juror 52 speaks out about proceedings, deliberating a guilty verdict