George Santos made 'offensive' past joke about Hitler and 'The Jews': report
George Santos (Photo by Olivier Douliery for AFP)

Rep. George Santos (R-NY), who fabricated a family history about Jewish grandparents being Holocaust survivors and who has now admitted he isn't even Jewish, was apparently fond of making jokes about the Holocaust 12 years ago.

Patch has obtained a screenshot of a post Santos made on Facebook that made light of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler killing "the jews and black (sic) mostly" and then adding a "lololololol!!!" afterward.

Although it is not clear whether Santos was sincerely endorsing genocidal mass murder, Oren Segal, the vice president of the Center on Extremism at the Anti-Defamation League, told Patch that it was at the very least a wildly inappropriate joke.

"Joking about Hitler is clearly offensive for anyone," he said. "But it’s especially offensive from someone who lied about his Jewish heritage and having family members that fled the Holocaust."

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An attorney representing Santos disputed the post's authenticity, although Patch got two sources to vouch for it.

"The person who posted the picture that sparked Santos' comment confirmed to Patch that it was their account and gave permission for Patch to publish it," the publication writes. "Patch also verified through another former friend, Gregory Morey-Parker, that the original Facebook post under which Santos wrote the Hitler comment existed."

In addition to lying about being Jewish, Santos has also lied about his work history and his academic history, and he has even falsely claimed that his mother was in the World Trade Center during the September 11th terrorist attacks even though immigration documents show she wasn't even in the United States at the time.