Kevin McCarthy says George Santos 'will get seated on committees'
Kevin McCarthy, George Santos (Both photos via AFP)

Just last week, newly minted GOP House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said that George Santos (R-NY) should not be a member of any top House committees.

“No,” McCarthy told reporters on Jan. 11 when asked if Santos should be seated on any key committees.

When Santos was asked about potential committee assignments, he told reporters, “I’ll take whatever I get.”

“I’m not a picky person, I came here to serve the people,” he added.

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But when asked the same question this Tuesday, McCarthy apparently had changed his mind.

"He'll get seated on committees, yes," McCarthy told reporters.

A reporter then asked, "Did you raise concerns during the campaign season before the election?"

McCarthy replied that he had concerns about Santos when "he had a staff member who impersonated my chief of staff, and that individual was let go when Mr. Santos found out about it."

In addition to his lies about his résumé, he's the subject of investigations being conducted the Eastern District of New York and the Nassau County district attorney, as well as the the Rio de Janeiro prosecutor’s office, which has said it plans to reopen a 2008 criminal fraud case against him.

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