George Santos was 'sweet and caring' — until he started stealing from everyone: ex-boyfriend
George Santos (Photo by Olivier Douliery for AFP)

George Santos' ex-boyfriend is speaking out about the ongoing barrage of scandals against his former partner.

Pedro Vilarva, a man eight years Santos' junior who lived with him for a year and rebuffed multiple marriage proposals from him, gave an interview with CNN's Erin Burnett from São Paulo, Brazil on Thursday.

"Does this George Santos, the one that we are now all seeing, sound like the man that you dated and lived with?" asked Burnett.

"Not at all. Completely different person," said Vilarva. "It's just — at the beginning of the relationship, he was fine. He was so sweet, caring, he actually showed that he cared. But, later on when I started finding out the lies, I thought that was it, that it was my phone that he stole, I believe. And the jewelry as well, from a friend that used to live with us, and the tickets to Hawaii that he had purchased for us to go when he was planning the proposing for the third time as well. The engagement never happened. Nothing like that."

"When did you know that you couldn't trust him?" asked Burnett.

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"Toward the end of the relationship," said Vilarva. "I started finding out about the lies in December and then it went on to February. Then, that is when I broke up with him and I went on my way. But then later on, we still had contact with each other because I found out about the lies, and we still kept in contact with each other. Just saying how are you, how is your mom and stuff, because when I found out she was sick I still cared about her. I went to visit her a couple times later on, but when I found out about the other stuff, I thought, what a psycho."

Asked why he believes Santos fabricated his life story, Vilarva said, "I don't know. I think he is just out of his mind and one lie led to another ... he always looked for fame and power. That's all he cared about. And he got it, he got the same thing in Congress, but he should not be there."

He added that he does not expect Santos to resign of his own free will, because "his ego's too big and too high."

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George Santos' ex-boyfriend speaks out