'Safety threat' George Santos must be removed from Congress immediately: NY Republican
National Republican Congressional Committee

A local Republican official from Long Island told CNN's Kate Bolduan that she believes Rep. George Santos (R-NY) represents a "security threat" in Congress and cannot be allowed to remain in office.

Jennifer DeSena, a town supervisor for North Hempstead, is one of many Republicans from the area calling on Santos to resign for his serial lies about his personal background and shady financial backings — and, she made clear, it doesn't matter whether Santos leaving would jeopardize Republicans' narrow House majority.

"During his campaign, and still Santos said recently, and the way he put it, 'I've lived an honest life. I've never been accused of any bad doing,'" said Bolduan. "What do you think is going on with this man?"

"Well, he has not lived an honest life," said DeSena. "If he were honest, we would have said who he was and what his real experience was. Unfortunately, some of what is coming out now that maybe people knew and maybe at upper levels was not known to us in his home district, and that, of course, goes for me and all of my colleagues who spent time going to events with him, walking in parades with him. He held himself out as a very successful, you know, hedge fund investor and he had worked at Goldman Sachs, at Citibank and you know, a property owner who understood what our residents needed in the form of tax relief. He identified with our residents and sadly, he lied in order to identify with them. He told stories about having grandparents who fled the Holocaust and it's just false. So the things that he said in our district were false. We did not know that there were questions and I for one wish that they were questions they had raised before election day."

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"[House Speaker Kevin] McCarthy is also not calling on him to resign," said Bolduan. "Do you think it's about holding on to the slim Republican majority?"

"I'll tell you, the congressmen from Long Island are not worried about holding on to the slim majority. They are united," said DeSena. "By my count, it's nine Republican congressmembers have called on him to resign. So they're not worried about holding on to a majority. They're worried about a person who lies gratuitously about everything about his grandparents, about having knee replacement surgery, about having employees who died in the Pulse Nightclub massacre. It's just — it's a little worrisome that he doesn't seem to be, he doesn't seem to need to tell the truth. And that's worrisome. Frankly, I think he's a threat. I think he's a safety threat in Congress. Because, you know, there are serious questions about where he has received funds from, and I don't think he should receive the committee assignments that are being discussed. I think he's a threat."

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