George Santos agrees to 'formally confess' to committing fraud in Brazil: CNN
George Santos, R-N.Y., at a conference in Las Vegas last month. (Wade Vandervort/AFP)

Rep. George Santos (R-NY) has reportedly agreed to settle a fraud case against him in the South American nation of Brazil that stemmed from an incident that occurred 15 years ago.

CNN is reporting that prosecutors in Brazil have accepted a deal with Santos' attorneys in which the New York congressman "would agree to formally confess" to using a stolen check book to buy hundreds of dollars worth of clothes at a store near Rio de Janeiro.

Additionally, reports CNN, Santos will be ordered to pay damages to the Brazilian store clerk who was fired from his job as a result of accepting Santos' fraudulent checks.

"The petition from Santos’ attorney, filed in January, requests a non-prosecutorial agreement in lieu of a trial for his client, arguing that Santos is now gainfully employed and 're-socialized,'" reports CNN. "The petition also requested permission for Santos to be contacted by the court via email or phone, and participate in the proceedings via videoconference."

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Committing fraud in Brazil is just one of the many scandals surrounding Santos.

Among other things, the New York Republican is facing accusations of allegedly sexually harassing an aide, stealing money from a disabled veteran that was intended to care for his dying service dog, and lying about nearly every single aspect of his work, academic, and family history.