Congressman accused of many crimes complains that NY crime is preventing him from drinking Gatorade
(Scott Olson/AFP)

Rep. George Santos (R-NY) is miffed. While visiting a convenience store, he found that things were less than convenient.

Taking to Twitter, Santos grumbled that his Gatorade was behind a locked door, and thus, he had to ask an attendant for help.

It was more work than he wanted to do. The problem, he has concluded, is "wokeism" leading to crime. Attacks on being "woke" has become the new word to attack Democrats after years of accusing them of being "socialists" or "antifa."

"Need a Gatorade? Call the attendant. Crime is absolutely out of control in NY thanks to WOKE failed policies," Santos tweeted.

Legal analyst Brad Moss remarked that the comment was coming from someone elected to Congress that has been accused of many crimes.

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A running list of Santos' lies includes crimes like theft of money for what was claimed to be a dog rescue charity, possible theft of a veteran's donations and selling memberships into a Ponzi scheme without being registered for a hedge fund. There are also campaign finance crime charges that he will likely face. Already he has been exposed for making up donations and the donors that gave them. There are also questions about how he came into such a large sum of money to loan to his campaign when just a year previously he was being evicted from his residence.

See the tweet from Santos below or at the link here.