Georgia AG steps down from national GOP chairmanship in protest of 'Stop the Steal' robocall

On Wednesday, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr resigned his chairmanship of the Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA), citing a "difference of opinion" over a robocall the group sent out promoting the "stop the steal" conspiracy theory.

"Carr, Georgia's GOP attorney general and a potential U.S. Senate candidate, wrote in a letter last week that he was quitting as the leader of the Republican Attorneys General Association because of an irreconcilable rift over the organization's direction," reported Greg Bluestein. "His letter cited the departure of the group's executive director, Adam Piper, who resigned shortly after it was revealed that RAGA's policy arm paid for robocalls urging supporters of then-President Donald Trump to march on the Capitol to press for overturning the outcome the election the day of the riot."

In the letter, Carr wrote, "The fundamental difference of opinion began with vastly opposite views of the significance of the events of January 6 and the resistance by some to accepting the resignation of the executive director. The differences have continued as we have tried to restore RAGA's reputation internally and externally and were reflected once again during the process of choosing the next executive director."

The Capitol riot, which has led to scores of arrests and resulted in multiple deaths, was preceded by a rally headlined by multiple elected allies of Trump, including sitting members of Congress like Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks.