'The next 48 hours are going to be the worst' for Republicans: GOP pollster
Republican pollster Frank Luntz. (Fox News screenshot)

Longtime Republican pollster Frank Luntz warned his fellow conservatives to brace for bad news over the next two days.

While appearing on CNBC, Luntz said he believed that Democrats would not only have their win in the 2020 presidential election certified, but would also prevail in the Georgia Senate runoff elections as well.

"The Democrats are more energized, the Democrats are much more united," Luntz said.

Luntz then ripped into President Donald Trump for selfishly talking about himself at Monday's Georgia rally instead of inspiring Republicans to go to the polls.

"Donald Trump, in his first few seconds when he came to speak to his rally, did not talk about the two Senate candidates, he spoke about his own being robbed," he explained. "He told them that he won in a landslide! And all this does is depress Republican turnout!"

Luntz also said that he saw multiple billboards erected in pro-GOP areas in the state telling people to not vote for either Republican Senate candidate because they had not done enough to overturn Trump's 2020 loss.

The bottom line, said Luntz, is "the next 48 hours are going to be among the worst" for the GOP.

Watch the video below.